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All of a sudden we heard four distinct footsteps right above us in the attic.They sounded like heavy boots, which was activity that the clients had reported.I love meeting the fans, and hanging out with friends on other shows. If the right offers ever came along to do another reality show I’d jump at the chance to travel and be trapped in a TV again!

We wanted to hang out in the home as if we were the clients to see if something happened.

Sometimes I felt like more activity occurred when we weren’t trying to attempt communication.

Keep in mind that we had locked ourselves in this house.

After that we went downstairs and were observing the kitchen.

Aside from the alleged spirits of dead prisoners, something even darker may be lurking inside West Virginia State Penitentiary.

Michelle Belanger and Father Bob Bailey join the team.

I had my video camera set up and filmed us talking about random things.

We constantly heard what sounded like someone wearing a big dress walking back and forth in the hallway. At one point we got up to stand near the stove because we smelled gas.

All throughout college I played bass in an experimental rock band with my cousin called , a student run paranormal club. At about the fifth meeting there was a casting director from there talking about a series they had been working on and how they were looking for more cast members.

I’ve always been into the paranormal so I decided to check out a few meetings. Traveling around the country and spending time in some of the world’s most haunted buildings? I filled out a twenty page pamphlet about myself, went to a casting call, then went back to my studies. Did it have anything to do with Matt Swayne, author of working as a research writer at PSU?

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    Nov 20, 2007. After a strange paranormal experience as a child, Ryan Buell searched for answers. What was this cryptic vision? Why did he see it? While at Penn State, Ryan began writing for The Daily Collegian and found that numerous others shared the same fascination with the paranormal as he did. Soon after he.…

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