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Yes, I said a facial and manicure (no polish, however – just nicely buffed fingernails). I got photos so much better than anything my friends took.

Specializing in headshot photography for actors, actresses, models and anyone that needs a headshot.Unless you’re a chronic sourpuss and want to attract another sourpuss, think happy thoughts and smile naturally. So ladies, get your hair done in a flattering style, apply your makeup with care, or have it applied professionally; choose a few nice outfits then give me a call to schedule your dating profile photography session.An experienced professional portrait photographer will know how to give cues to elicit a natural expression. Gentlemen, same for you: get a good haircut, maybe even a facial and manicure. Then schedule your dating site photography session: My promise to you: professional photos for online dating, perfectly composed photographs for your social networking and online dating profiles; truthful, no-nonsense pictures of you looking happy, relaxed and well-groomed.“I’m in my 60’s, and I went to Elena Rose for some photos for online dating. We took photos outside and in, and I learned that the indoor light was more flattering for me.Our consultation helps me determine your goals, your personality and your interests, all of which help me choose the best location for your session.I realize you’re not a model, but my directing skills instantly put you at ease, yes even in public, and showcase your personality in the best light (pun intended).The impression we make with our online presence is thus seen as our very best efforts at showing ourselves at our best. Your headshot is all they will visually know of you.Even when people will not invest the time or treasure to find a great headshot photographer, the assumption remains that everyone’s done their best. While a good headshot shows you at your best, it should very much look definitely like it’s you in the photo.Why invest so much times and money on wardrobe, gym memberships and bling possessions only to have dates with people who aren’t really up to your standards, because of a profile headshot that doesn’t show you at your best? That is, it makes you seem something less than you in reality are.People know most of us generally make the best first impressions we are capable of making. Many people viewing your social media site have not seen you in years or decades.At Phoenix Headshots by Yucel, your profile photos will have you looking your best, and yes, the photos still look very much like you… You finally decided to take the leap and throw together a profile with professional internet dating pictures.

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