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He looks intimidating

There is a wide range of opinion among the men I spoke to. When talking to the guys, things like height and perception of physical strength were listed as qualities men could be intimidated by, if they felt she was better or even equally endowed in these areas.Mike says that he feels like women who are the “the total package” can be intimidating.He adds, “On the other hand, I’ve heard men brag about their female counterpart’s earning capacity and brilliance.” To sum it up, if a guy is particularly intimidated by you because of your career, your looks, or the money you make it could be that you need to check your ego. Do you boast about your accomplishments a bit too much?

She looks you in the eye and asks for the truth—for one moment of brutal honesty: “Why doesn’t he like me? I don’t know about you, but when I tell my friends they are intimidating, what I mean is that they are just too awesome for the guy.

If you are strong willed, outspoken, maybe sometimes apathetic—you are intimidating."But let’s face it, these words never really explain why that guy never asks us out.

We women have our ideas about what men find intimidating, but what do men say they find intimidating and do they see that as a good thing?

There are over 2 million more women in college today than men.”I asked Dr.

Betchen some of the things he has heard clients describe to him as the qualities they look for in a woman.

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