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He depressed dating

’ll admit it: Whenever I’m overcome with anxiety, I become more closed up than a teenage girl’s diary.

I sit in the corner with a scowl on my face, grunting out monosyllabic answers to my date’s concerned questions.

What you think might be a support system might just keep pulling him down.

“A girl I was dating once told a friend at work that I was bummed because my dog had died,” recalls Matt Christensen, 24, of Stamford, CT.

“I’d hoped work would be a welcome escape from my sadness, but for the next week, I was flooded with sympathy emails that just kept reminding me of my dog’s death.” Break that code of silence, and he’ll think twice about confiding in you again.

But if you keep quiet, he’ll know he can open up to you without fear that his problems will become public domain.

When he’s having troubles, he won’t be as emotionally and mentally equipped as usual to listen to the daily issues that most people face.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t turn to him for support at all, only that you might want to be more judicious in what you bring up.“It’s a misconception that when men are stressed, they just want sex,” explains Dr. “Not only do they want to be left alone, but they can feel an acute sense of performance anxiety.” And if anything will make the situation worse for a guy, it’s a poor showing in bed.Give him some space, and in no time he’ll be looking at you with hungry eyes again.That doesn’t mean he won’t ever open up about his problems.You’ll just have to skip the interrogation for subtler means…You should never feel bad about discussing something as serious as a sick relative, but you should probably avoid talking about the annoying girl at work who commented on your messy desk.“This is clearly a time to have other resources that you can turn to,” explains to talk things out when I really don’t want to, and that just puts me even more on edge.” But a guy’s unwillingness to vent isn’t just masculine stubbornness—it’s nature.Scientific experiments show that, for most thought processes, women rely mostly on the left side of their brain, which handles language, while men favor the less-conversationally-inclined right lobe.Friends or family will listen to your daily issues for the time being, thereby giving your date the space he needs to deal with his difficulties and come back as caring as ever.If your guy isn’t willing to open up to you, then it’s a safe bet he doesn’t want his crisis shared with anyone else, even if that means keeping his troubles a secret from friends or family.

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