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Harmless fun diy dating

If so, you can have a lot of fun performing harmless car pranks.

If you'll be at work on April Fool's Day, these office pranks can offer lots of inspiration.

There's no need to wait for the holiday; you can also use these tricks to get a laugh any day of the year.

When your victim opens the door, the spiders will fall down and appear to be jumping at him.

Get the video camera ready to capture his reaction.

Squeeze a bit of lemon juice in someone's water when she is not looking.

You could also add a small amount of vinegar or salt as well.

Make sure the person is not allergic to whatever you put on the phone.

Then give them the person a call and watch his reaction.

If you're sneaky, you can make a big impact by pranking a friend's front lawn in the middle of the night or while he's at work.

Just be sure your friend won't be alarmed by your visit.

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