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Reinforced concrete construction and the use of huge areas of glass give the house a typically Modernist transparency and openness. Lavishly fitted out and furnished, The Homewood also provided a rare demonstration of how "heroic" Modernism could be elegant, epicurean and, above all, English.

The coincidence of its comprehensive publication in the Architectural Review of September 1939 with the outbreak of war perhaps prevented his extraordinary achievement reaching the wide audience it deserved.

Although nominated for the RIBA's Royal Gold Medal earlier this year, Gwynne was probably under-recognised in his lifetime due to the private pattern of his practice and his own unassuming personality.

Alban Patrick Gwynne was born at Esher, Surrey, on March 24 1913 and was educated at Harrow.

He might have gone through with the rape, but was forced to flee when the woman's neighbours, alerted by muffled screams, ran downstairs to find her lying naked in her living room in a pool of blood, bruised and battered with two broken teeth.

Deferring sentence for background reports - including a psychiatric report and a risk assessment - until July 20 at the High Court in Edinburgh, the judge ordered that Liddell's name be placed on the sex offenders' register.

She had always wondered if Rossdale was Daisy's father and when she reached the age of fifteen mother and daughter felt it was time to find out.

Rossdale, who at that time was married to Stefani but had yet to have any children together, agreed to a DNA test which subsequently proved that he was indeed the father.

After the verdict Dr Vince Egan, a forensic psychologist at Leicester University, said: 'Liddell might have been left distressed and traumatised by the Dunblane massacre, but so would all the others involved, and nobody else has behaved like this.

Gwen Stefani's husband, Gavin Rossdale has admitted he had a gay affair with a flamboyant pop star when he was 17. reports, however, he immediately begged the magazine’s editors not to publish his confession, apparently because wife Gwen Stefani did not know about the dalliance.

In a magazine interview the London-born Bush frontman confirmed the much-rumoured relationship with 1980's New Romantic gender bender, Marilyn, branding it a ‘one-time experimentation’. Sources said she was aware of the rumours but her husband’s candour meant that for the first time he had to tell her they were true.

The claims first surfaced in Boy George’s 1995 autobiography ‘Take It Like a Man’ and last year Marilyn repeated them, claiming the affair went on for five years.

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