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It was therefore natural that she would design all of the band's album covers, which have all to date drawn from Hooper's extensive collection of paintings.

Having now amassed enough artwork to put together a gallery show, Hooper's painting and songwriting both feed off of each other, turning her into her own best muse.

"It's this merging of so many influences that makes up my style," says the San Francisco native, who was pursuing a career in art before venturing into music. I feel the most comfortable when I’m with Christian and we are dressed together. He's in these ripped jeans and oversize shirts and I am in these crazy jackets. Sometimes when we are separated I feel like half an outfit. The Raf Simons sweater, which is probably the craziest thing we have ever purchased. I feel like it’s the coolest thing I’ve worn in my life.

"It's paintings, and the vibe of a city and the color of my hair at the time." And as a new mom (she and Zucconi have a one-year-old daughter), sometimes it comes down to whatever she has time to put on, "even if it looks ridiculous," she says. I'll get a bathing suit and wear it underneath. How has your personal style evolved over the years?

Parenthood graced them quickly, and now the band tours with their daughter in tow.

Hooper recently said in an interview that "after creating so much art together, we have now created a human being," whom both parents deeply enjoy getting offstage to see every night. They paint all of their own album covers Initially, a fine artist, Hooper is an accomplished painter.

Hannah Hooper of Grouplove is the first to admit that she doesn’t care about style as much as she wants people to think she does.

"I have fun with it and I don’t take it too seriously," says the keyboardist and vocalist. Fashion wise, I like to do whatever I can to what I find. It’s not a specific designer, because I have my own vision. Her growing collection of suits are the perfect sexy-meets-comfy outfit choice, Hooper says.But most importantly, they allow for some epic, stress-free headbanging. We're touring right now with MS MR and they totally have a girled-out crew, so it's nice to have some girls around.We definitely have our own look because my hand is on all the visual stuff. It’s handmade, it’s expressive, it’s colorful, it’s fearless. Everything that I wear has such a story to it; these pieces have been in my bag for so many places. I sewed it on.” LOOK 4 “I fly a lot and happen to get a cold every time I get off a plane so when we were in Korea everyone was wearing these masks and I got a couple.Ryan Rabin's father, Trevor Rabin, was a founding member of the band Yes.Guitarist Andrew Wessen grew up in a house devoid of music, aside from when his grandmother played the piano.However, the truth is a lot more mundane: they originally wanted to be called Group, but the record label felt that wouldn't translate well on the Internet.Faced with a last-minute hassle of having to choose a new name, Hooper drew from how much love there was between the band members and decided to just go with Grouplove. Hooper and Zucconi have a child together During the band's hiatus following their sophomore album, Hooper and her bandmate Christian Zucconi, who are long-term partners, decided to have a baby together.

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