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Grails not updating database

In this case, a list structure with the contact element.

Since the user has made modifications to the object, it’s time to update the database with it’s new version.

The same scenario could be observed in Ruby on Rails first app’s tutorials.Now, it’s time to update our path environment variable.That’s the content in my parameter avoid the need to restart Grails server each time we modify a source code.Then it saves it (Persistence API, based on Hibernate) and redirects the user to the show action, passing it’s proper ID.The parameters Flush and Fail on Error refreshes the database — making the changes in the same time — and stops the execution if an error happens, respectively. We have to load the previous version of the object from the database, let the user do modifications to it and then store these modifications on the database.It’s so easy to understand that dispenses explanation. There are some files in the directory Here you can install, configure and remove plugins, configure types, permissions etc. Just in case, here we render a HTML form that gets a Name and Phone Number. The difference is the target action and the preloaded info in the form fields. Yes, but this time you know what you’re doing and can easily learn more about the Grails Framework now. This file’s content is executed every time the web application is started. You can use Java code inside your Grails application almost without any change! Grails get the object with the passed ID and then returns it to the view.Note that we don’t need to write return statements, as Grails automatically returns the last value from a code block.Groovy on Grails is a MVC framework based — of course — on the Groovy language.Groovy is based on Java, it also runs over the JVM — Java Virtual Machine.

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