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Gnome clock weather not updating

First of all, is anyone working on your language already?If so, they should be listed on the GNOME Translation Project team list. You may also want to take a look at the list of available languages.If any members of your team have Git access, it will likely be you, although you will need to have contributed some translations first before being eligible for an account. You should advise your translators to perform their translations through the GNOME Translation management website.

I dug around the code and pulled the URL it uses to get the data back from yahoo api's and tried to get the data back through a browser.

I can convert Ubuntu Unity to Gnome Classic without difficulty but the weather applets were disabled in a serious issue URL isn't all that's needed. Thanks to Google CACHED I was able to see this data wasn't there.

Not to mention a replacement will probably not be format compatible and new parsing needed.

What is not currently available is the 'committing' (sending) of the translations to the GNOME Git repositories.

That is, currently there is an extra step to manually commit the translations.

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