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[I also took a mismatched set of wine glasses, and over the years, have taken various pieces of art, a lamp, and most recently, a pepper grinder. A once-over of the globe narrowed down the date of its inception right away: Russia was U. This was the last puzzle piece I needed and determined that this globe, The Globe To End All Globes, was made between 19. The rest of the morning went something like this: , excuse me?

Armed with these pieces of vital information, I determined that the globe was made sometime between 19. I originally thought Africa would be the answer to it all, what with its French West Africas and its Tanganyika Territories, but I quickly found that many of Africa's Belgium, French, and English colonies were not dismantled until the 1950s or '60s. I checked out a couple more African areas, thinking that perhaps Bechuanaland would be my answer. I went back to the Middle East and gave Trans-Jordan and Baluchistan a check. I was about to give up, but decided to check out Asia one last time. [Before you think I live a life of leisure, lounging in bed until late morning, you should know that Chris normally is up and out of the house by AM.

All of the year's full moons have names, which were given to them by Native Americans living in the central and eastern parts of North America.

For example, August's full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, and September's is the Corn Moon or Harvest Moon.

Bloomsbury will be publishing the official companion books, which is aimed at a family audience. Rowling said “The British Library has done an incredible job.

Digital editions of both will be published by Pottermore with enhancements allowing the content to be navigated in multiple, digital-first ways and featuring additional visuals of exhibition artefacts.

Anyway, as Chris lamented the lack of love for Seattle, I glanced around me and realized I was standing directly above the Seahawks table.

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Needless to say, this table has become the new "usual." The art of marital mind-reading is something I've admired about my parents since I can remember.Harry Potter: A History of Magic is a journey to where magic and myth began – combining centuries-old British Library treasures with never before seen material from Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury and J. Prior to opening, the exhibition has already sold over 30,000 tickets – the highest amount of advance tickets ever sold for a British Library exhibition.Harry Potter: A History of Magic will be accompanied by varied learning and events programmes, with over 11,000 free tickets made available for schoolchildren across the UK." or Chris staring out the window to see what was happening in the neighborhood, which, at seven o'clock in the morning, was absolutely nothing.When it was almost time to leave, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and as I finished up, I though to myself, In honor of the Seahawks playing their first [pre-season] game on Saturday, I thought I'd finally take this photo off my i Phone and post it here.Libraries will draw from their own collections and regional connections to magical traditions and folklore to make displays.The exhibition will be travelling to New York in Autumn 2018 at the New-York Historical Society following its run at the British Library.They finish each others' sentences and always seem to have some sort of inside joke going on.Growing up, I always knew I wanted someone who could read my thoughts, someone who would finish my sentences. At this point, Chris popped his head in to see how my Very Important Globe Dating Research was going. But if you ever need someone to date your globe, you know who to call.The next 20 minutes involved either Chris asking me, "What do we do now?!

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