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Try to find out: Name of the person, checking alternative spellings and any other names they may have used A likely date of death, in order to estimate when an obituary may have been published Date of publication of any obituaries that you are aware of The newspaper which published the obituary There are many newspapers, journals and magazines that will contain obituaries and are searchable in print form or microfilm. (2008) Famous last words: two centuries of obituaries from the Scotsman.

Examples are Glasgow Herald, Evening Times, Daily Record, The Bailie, local and community papers. Indexes are available for these titles: There are Obituary search facilities in the online resources free to Glasgow Libraries members through our website: easy to join the library. Sean Costello and Tom Johnstone (1996) The Daily Telegraph book of Imperial and Commonwealth obituaries.

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Scottish singer Lulu has said she believes dating is for “very young people” and that she does not prioritise romance, although she does “go out with men”.

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