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Continuing with her exploration of her man's ass, Loretta licked the underside of Steve's balls while digging into his ass with her sleek, eager fingers.

"Oh fuck, Steve, you're doing things to me," Loretta whispered, and Steve grinned as he continued munching on her asshole.

Like every son of the African motherland, Steve was fascinated by a big-booty sister, and Loretta Ampofo of Ghana was one of the best.

"Steve, my love, I want to fuck that ass of yours," Loretta said, half-jokingly, and Steve stopped munching on her asshole.

Turning around to look at her man, Loretta was stunned to see a mile-wide smile on Steve Vincent's handsome face.

All that ass licking action he'd unleashed upon her earlier made Loretta horny as can be, and Steve had to deal with the consequences.

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After a few pleasant minutes, Loretta just about had enough.

"Alright, big man, I need you to get on your hands and knees and show me that ass," Loretta barked in a bossy tone, and Steve did as he was told without hesitation this time.

Loretta grinned as she admired Steve's cute butt from behind.

Moments later, Steve began to moan and a grinning Loretta worked a second finger up his ass.

Steve's warm, tight ass gripped Loretta's fingers like a vise.

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