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It was hard, but soon Jessica had to admit to herself that there was something wrong.She thought about how the conversations often turned to money and the requests for more were becoming very frequent.After several months Jessica felt that she could tell Martin anything and Martin confessed his love for her.

The things older women will do is far better than people you’re of the same age with… He stated that he finds it effortless around this kind of women who are mostly straightforward than most young girls.

Jessica felt devastated that a man she had been sharing so much of herself with for so long and felt she could trust implicitly had been a scammer.

In addition to these mental and emotional costs, she had also sent the scammer in excess of 000, most of her life savings.

Things were settled for a while and then Martin told Jessica that he had an opportunity to invest in oil exploration in Ghana.

The enterprise was to help out the poor local community and investors would be well rewarded.

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