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Getting engaged after 6 months of dating

That tin ring sat in darkness, a near-forgotten memento in the back of the cabinet. Something inside of me suddenly knew what to do, and it wholly went against every bit of my risk averse personality.

Then one evening in bed, while flipping through photos from the Vegas Wedding-themed night, we started joking about all the what-ifs. I got up, grabbed the toy ring from the bathroom cabinet and then crawled back into bed, dropping it into Fei’s already outstretched hand.

He got down on one knee to pretend propose before we hit the photo booth for a mock “just got married” bit.

When Fei, decked out in tactical gear, greeted me at the front of the club, it felt like a scene straight out of a rom-com; the world centered on my slack-jawed face with the camera quickly zooming in for a reaction shot.

They stayed on the sidelines, cheekily discussing our relationship with a knowingness that we hadn’t yet attained.

Everyone approved, and was pretty certain about where the road was headed … Three weeks after that first day, I was back at Porn & Chicken for their Vegas Wedding-themed night.

He promptly put it on my ring finger, and we hugged. just an implicit understanding with a party favor ring.

There you have it, we were engaged, 29 days after that first official date.

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