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General dating questions relationship

Why do I have these urges if my boyfriend satisfies me in every way?

JA: This sounds like a can of worms I'm glad not to have to open. Is there anything else important you think the Psychologist should know? I have 3 fight over every little thing, for the past 3 months now..

We walk towards the road, I'm still on with dispatch, he lets go of my hand, and goes back to the man on the ground and people standing around him. Later on he starts yelling at me for leaving him and walking off, when I showed and told him exactly where I needed to go, we were walking that way, and he was the one who took off! I told him I couldn't go back to the man, I had to direct emergency personnel to where we were for help! He gets in this “I'm right you're wrong” mindset, and it's infuriating, especially when in this instance this was really on him!!

He's wonderful, caring, attentive, attractive, honest...pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a man. My dilema is that I have a desire to sleep with other men.

The sex is great with my boyfriend and I don't want to break up with him because I love him and won't find another like him.

The time before that he was interpreting “let's talk about it later/better time” to meaning “I need to tell you exactly how to do it, and you can't possibly know what you're doing, or whatever “. He's making us a serving trey, a new coffee table/end table at some point (pallet wood) I've given him big thumbs up, loved what he made his parents for Xmas, I helped with some wood burning on it, and just want to woodburn ours too.

Tonight we were in town, saw what looked like two men harassing an older man on the opposite side of the street, I called 911, and the Two young guys walked away, it was hard to tell what was happening.

I would say awesome, let's talk about it later, because he kept bringing it up in the most inopportune times, we are also in process of rearranging everything, and want to wait to see if shoe rack location will change before he starts making it, for logistical reasons (told him this).

Finally we had a chance to talk, he told me the idea, I said cool, and think it would be great!Meanwhile, he takes my hand and walks me over to where the man was, away from the road at this point.I told him, “I need to stay by the road so help can find us quicker.Problems in relationships can be difficult to deal with and can give rise to many questions.Questions related to relationship issues need to be answered by relationship counselors.Certified relationship counselors can help you find solutions to problems in your relationships. Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know. I've been seo JA: The Psychologist will know what to do.From the beginning one of my teams was very challanging. I didnt know at that time, that the RN that I hired had a major attitude problem.The main RN ( the one before we hired the 2nd one) ended up shifting to another clinic because she couldnt handle the " new one".Meanwhile he still feeds a large handful at a time. At the time he was cool about it, said he would try not to.I also said I understood if it was happening when he was half asleep or asleep, and we left it at that, went about our day as usual.

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