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‘The pain was caused because my neck was doing all the work to pull up my body.’‘From this she could feel a separation between my tummy muscles of about two fingers’ width - or 2 cm.After that I switched to more gentle, Pilates exercises instead, which trained me to hold my muscles in from within.’Stuart Mc Gill, professor of spine biomechanics at Canada’s University of Waterloo, has found the repetitive, unnatural motion of sit-ups puts far too much strain on the back, squeezing the intervertebral discs, making them bulge and even stick out.Just lie face down on the floor and prop your body up on your toes and forearms. Prop yourself up on one side by your elbow and the side of your foot.

I’m traveling and skiing and training and competing.

He lives in New York — he can’t really live in Denver ...

Over time, they become more defined and noticeable.’If you don’t have an exercise ball, try the ‘bicycle crunch’ instead.

This involves the same movement as a sit-up, but while cycling your legs rapidly in a circle, like pushing the pedals of a bicycle.

JUST LOOK AT THIS: magazine in 2015, telling the world that he was proud of who he was, and any risk of losing sponsorships be damned.

In the interview, writer Alyssa Roenigk starts the story by painting the picture of her and Kenworthy sitting down together, ready to begin their talk. The good news is that he seems to be in a super happy, committed relationship, so that's something I can totally support.

Despite having four children over seven years, Becky says the risks were never spelled out.

The fact that her neck became painful after an intensive sit-up session was a sure sign she should have halted the sit-ups at once, as Becky has since learned.

Physiotherapist and osteopath Tim Allardyce, of Surrey Physio, says many back injuries are down to the fact that people tend to perform sit-ups sometimes hundreds of times every day in the hope of seeing results.

Beyond what sit-ups do to your body, there is also the matter of what they can do to your looks.

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