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Futurama computer dating like pimping but

A fishing trip over the ocean takes a turn for the worse when a colossal mouth bass pulls the Planet Express ship to the bottom of the sea.

There, Fry falls in love with a mermaid named Umbriel, and the crew discovers the sunken city of Atlanta, Georgia.

[He screws up the sheet and throws it in his chest cabinet and imitates a computer by beeping.

You just corralled a bunch of stiffs at the bus station and pocketed our money! But in the end, isn't that what Valentine's Day is really all about?

"If the crime Bender commits is being the pimp, it's because he likes wearing a fur coat and walking around with sexy sunglasses," Cohen says, insisting that Bender's unscrupulous activities don't make him an evil robot (like, say, Robot Devil).

"It's not because he wants to be a human trafficker who – when I say human, I mean fembot – wants to traffic in fembot lives and make their lives miserable.

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