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Look forward to it like you look forward to water in the desert. Truth is the first sentence kind of threw me off, but as I continued reading, my attraction began to grew.Look forward to it like you look forward to seeing your family after years of separation. Also I don’t do romance, I expect action on the first date, big time action, and I won’t sleep over (yes this will be at your place because I don’t want you to know where I live). Talk about your goals/aspirations – finding a rich woman to take care of me 3. What this profile says to me, as a woman, is: – This guy is fun and exciting – He is open to taking risks and is okay with failing.

However, it's unlikely that these photos are entirely truthful...

Use one of these eating dating headlines to headpines Catchy Dating Headlines that Attract Women Online. See the 15 best headlines for POF you can use today.

He was also genuine, intelligent and overall well rounded, good man with plenty to offer.

Had he just been a goof ball with nothing else to offer it would have been really disappointing.

A student who survived the Florida shooting wants you to see how a single AR-15 bullet butchered his foot ... Kyle Laman -- who was inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High when Nikolas Cruz opened fire and brutally murdered 17 people -- tells TMZ ...

he damn near needed an amputation after a bullet pierced his right foot ... The 15-year-old freshman -- who will need at least 4 surgeries and a year of rehab before he can walk again -- described the excruciating pain he felt after waking up from one of his surgeries.

Find out exactly how women are responding to your profile and get directions on how to make it more appealing to women.

Go get it now: More and more people are meeting through online dating sites.

The feeling I got when I read his profile was, This guy is okay with our without me and he will not attempt to impress me by being someone he’s not. His response was: “haha yea at first i wrote a regular profile, then i read it over and i was like ‘this is so freaking boring’. Something I wanted to write that would make me laugh. I got a TON of emails from cool women.” He and I talked a little more and I immediately got a sense of his full character.

It was great to see that he was much more than just a funny, goof, who only knew how to banter.

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