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But don’t ask the couple when they had their first date. “I technically don’t know when the line crossed from friends to dating,” explains Angela.What they do know is their bond grew over a bowling game where the night got quite competitive.

My only question is what version of ios needs installed, im assuming the 5662 is most recent so i installed that.“I can’t think of anything better in life than to have a husband that could be so supportive and caring even when I’m at my low.” She added: “It’s really been an incredible experience.” After making the trip back to the U. from Panama to Atlanta, emotions soared during the first challenge of the episode: The competitors would once again embrace their jet-setting spirit – this time, at the Flight Safety Internatonal Center, where they had to land an aircraft from the altitude of 2,500 feet using a flight simulator.A series of crash landings on this challenge would cost Pollard and his wife the win, even though they seemed to have a clear advantage in Atlanta, the city they call home.If these updates are not installed, the games will remain unplayable until the update is installed, as each time the channel is loaded with the game inserted, the update prompt will appear, and declining the update will return the player to the Wii Menu instead of starting the game.The Wii Shop Channel is an online shop for the Wii video game console that allows users to download Virtual Console games, Wii Ware games, and additional channels.Keep reading to find out who won: RELATED: The Amazing Race: Trouble for the Twins in Thailand It was Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang!“This has been the best premarital counseling that you could ever get,” Chiang said after claiming victory.“Everyone wanted to take pictures in the fields so we left the trail, and right as we had finished goofing off Josh walks up to me for a drink of water.As I was walking off he grabbed my hand and pulled my backwards, and there he was on his knee,” she explains.Even though they shared the same friend group, it wasn’t until Josh moved back after college that they started to hang out.Initially, Josh tried to set Angela up with one of his friends, but his plan back fired.

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