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In the worst cases we will switch off the members connection.

If that happens to you please read the instructions below and rejoin as soon as you can.

One of the most exciting developments in counselling comes from marrying traditional therapist skills with online technology: counselling via Skype online video link.

"Skype" is free computer software that permits people to chat face-to-face, in real-time, through their computer screens.

To meet this demand, more and more counsellors are offering the possibility of therapy via Skype. Advantages of counselling via Skype How do I find a counsellor who works via Skype? Type ‘counselling via Skype’ into your search engine and you will get names of individual counsellors as well as organisations.

Or you can search for a counsellor in the usual way, by going to one of the specialist counselling websites such as Counselling Directory and typing in the same phrase.

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live:beth_5129 or chapman) using Skype and ask to join the list.

Once on the contact list you can connect to this group using this Skype Group Link or by calling 01 (NOTE this is a UK number, normal charges apply).

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