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its actually easier to talk/pick up a girl irl then on you fuck up even just slightly on camchat, most chicks will next you right you'll still get some chances and most of the time they don't even dick !

Messing with jailbait carries a major risk of being subjected to dehumanizing unsafe living conditions for a long period of time. turns out her stop was also my walked a but while chatting, then i got her phone number.

was too drunk to nut, but after about half an hour her friend who was passed out woke up and saw us. In America, prison is like a medieval dungeon complete with beatings/rape and the occasional murder. In Europe, the AOC is often lower to begin with, and it's not enforced as much. We'd probably also have gotten some sweet teen pussy back when it was relatively easiest to do so, i.e.: school; it may thus not have become such an obsession for many of us, borne along by a desire to fill certain holes in our past. " ……..i kerp the pep talk till we get close to my final destination.

I know it's probably not completely hopeless if I put in the work to improve.

When it comes down to it, getting my dick wet is one of the lesser concerns on my priority list right now tbh.

Teens are more savvy with phones etc unless you live in eastern EU or Hicksville USA , the only way you will meet teens IRL is if you are a cool teacher or at party and have lots of $$ .

lurking on fb etc will see you do, fed time quick, I shat myself when I was with 16 yo , her parents let me stay at hers but outside in a tent, I was only 21, I'm older now so fk that shit only 18 now.If I had to sum most of my immediate issues up it'd probably be a lack of confidence from being a shut-in most of my life and it's become a rather big hurdle. I'm sure most of Holla Forums has been/is going through it.I've had girls show interest in me beyond just being nice multiple times throughout middle and highschool, but always been too much of a sperg to either realize or know how to act on those advances. Thought there might be a way to right some wrongs or w/e, idkfrom your post, you could be me.See, all that noise about getting 'out' of depression etc was mainly bluster.How do you get around the crippling 'but what have I got to offer her? I'm sure it's where many anons fall down, as articulated.I have one 15 , and the rest 16-19 , shit is a lot easier for police to monitor these days compared to the days of teen chat rooms,now they all use fb/IG/Snapchat which will get you guys v/.I work with 18 year olds but won't touch younger anymore.make sure to find someone with the same needs.don't focus on one girl, many fish in the you keep waiting for her you won't do much and it will be a waste of time and energy trying to find how yo get her.screw her, just go out, if you don't look like Quasimodo 99% chance a girl will hit on you, take that opportunity, flirt, get her number, set a date and fuck her.thats a common problem among english speaking country, everything goes but if a 21yo guy dates a 17yo everyone flips the fuck out.i'm sorry m8, i can't really help with that. Thanks, Chad's coming about again, lelkek, we're normalfags.It's almost worse, leli trained myself by talking to girls on Chatroulette/Omegle. this will take time, over 6 months for after that you get more comfortable and'll just want to try your new skill in real its not much different.

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