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Every click every mousemove is recorded and documented and you can literally model it and you can follow along with me okay if you want to virtually be able to command sales on demand and never have to rely on anybody or anything this can really help you ok this is the same system our members use and follow right now to create massive results online look the other day while doing a live webinar I asked our members if they were making money as a result of using this system everybody fixture is here i’m going to do something that’s a little bit unexpected in this particular video look I stepped into a studio to do a team webinar and here we are there’s me this is live stream this is inside of the four percent group members area as you can see they’re right and here we have let’s see we got 800 people in the room ok let me go ahead and expand the screen for you gonna do something that is like unexpected and normally you wouldn’t see a lot of people doing live but I want to be totally transparent totally authentic with you I’m gonna ask our people in the room okay we got 799 people in the room right now at the moment here they are chatting right ok here are the people watching me how many of you guys are gonna ask you guys live right there okay I’m gonna ask you guys live in the room how many guys have generally have made money have made Commission’s have made sales here within the four percent group ok let’s take a look at the comments there’s like a 20 30 second delay over here ok take a look how many guys have made sales have made money here in the four percent group as a result following by following our system let me know I let me know in the comments ok let me know in the comments there’s like a 20-second delay now look you can’t fake look look how crazy this thing is going right look yes yes yes made make me look at this look just look for yourself ok so what you’re looking at right now my friend is we’ve got 798 people okay look how crazy this chat is going ok look at this look at this look at this you guys are awesome appreciate your feedback now what do you guys think ok what do you guys think so this is the company has made money now I want to ask you another question i’m going to put the camera over to myself but I’m not even going to edit this because you know there’s a lot of fakeness going on in the industry you know there’s a lot of a pretender there’s a lot of things that people just like hype up you know what want to be totally authentic everything we do here in 4% it’s totally authentic it’s from the heart okay i want to ask you guys here are in the room watching me on the webinar might as well write it without you guys in the room you know what you guys think of the four percent group in general ok from somebody who might be on the fence just kind of checking it out it’s a free you know it’s you know it video they can create themselves an account for free get plugged into the seven steps to results program you know they can get plugged into the operation 100k what do you guys think what are your thoughts from a member’s perspective here of for the four percent okay from the four percent what’s your perspective thoughts on the four percent group ok Cash in the bank is still might still make money now there’s about 20 to 30 second delay now check it out ok so right here people are just now seeing the scene the you know my message there in the group okay so check that out ok you guys are unbelievable look at this ok now look my friend if you are looking for something that’s really something that’s that’s solid something that I look at how many we got a hard-on for people in the room right now get the moment okay look at this just look for yourself right I was gonna leave leave the camera okay on this you got you guys are absolutely out of this world man you guys are awesome congratulations ok so there you go you know i can i can keep the camera I’m gonna flip it on myself and there you have it okay does what what everybody else think about the four percent group about the same opportunity that you have right in front of you right now you just saw my friend go make a decision.

I’ll see you inside pretty cool huh so naturally look if i were you i would probably be wondering why in the world are you giving this away for free.

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