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In 2009 a nudie drama came from the i Tunes App Store centering around a vicious free app called Beauty Meter which mirrors the concept behind the popular online website"Hot or Not." The app, produced by developers Funnymals, allows people desperate for any kind of attention to upload photos of themselves to be rated by a community of gawkers.Photos are rated by giving stars based on three criteria: face, body and clothes, with the latter criteria being of lesser importance.

It's unseemly by any measure, but Immature's Google Play page further ups the ante/lowers the bar by calling the game a "simulation of how men clean toilets," a notion I'd like to refute on behalf of self-respecting, toilet brush-owning dudes everywhere.

Despite Poo Blaster's flawed premise, all hope is not lost: Immature could still remove it from the Android games category and re-brand it as a diet app, since it's guaranteed to make you lose your appetite.

You will know about your girlfriend's period and her mood. The program helps to avoid misunderstandings and preserve your relationships. There are apps that display a fake Driver's License, let you avoid DUI checkpoints, and more.

You can plan your dates, evenings and save some money. My favorite part may be the cunningness of the application. A new piece of software called Phantom Alert claims to add warnings for hidden police cameras and DUI checkpoints right into your GPS system.

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Terri Senft, a professor specialising in global media at New York University’s Department of Liberal Studies, said: ‘Instagram has moved from a niche thing to something people have heard about, and that means it has a critical mass.

There are also thousands of comments on the pornographic images from fellow users urging one another to add more and more raunchy photos or inviting them on to other social networking sites to message privately.

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