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With no signup required, you enter the email name you want for an @address you can hand out. It's that simple, though it's not for sending messages.You can reserve the address of your choice with a password, again at no cost to you.

entire claim to fame is that it's easy to use, doesn't include advertising, and has built-in encryption between members.

Of course, to get all that, you have to pay for it, starting at $49.98 per year for 10GB of online storage; a free version offers 25MB of storage. Businesses can use Hushmail starting at $3.99 per user/month for nonprofits (going up to $5.99 for small businesses and $9.99 for legal and healthcare entities), plus a one-time $9.99 setup fee for everyone provides disposable, temporary email.

It'll take longer to load a website than it would with Firefox or Chrome, but that's the price of vigilance.

The free Tor Browser is available in 16 languages, for Windows, mac OS, and Linux.

Then visit the site, enter the name, and you'll see if it's received any messages. Its FAQ states if you get an email from Mailinator, it's a guaranteed forgery.

No signup though you can sign in with a Google account. If someone else comes up with the same name, then you both get access to the messages received. This one is for quick service signups only, and only with the most obfuscated, obscure you can come up with.You'll know it's encrypted when you see HTTPS in the URL, instead of just HTTP.Or a lock symbol shows up on the address bar or status bar.Guerrilla Mail is the perfect way to create an email address to sign up for a different, more permanent-yet-anonymous email address, or to send a quick, anonymous email instantly—no signup required.You can even attach a file if it's less than 150MB in size, or use it to send someone your excess bitcoins. Sure, it's mostly about serving you targeted ads, but that's not much consolation for those looking to surf in private. Cookies, and so-called unstoppable "super cookies" know where you've been and what you've done and they're willing to share.There's a two-step process to getting a free email for receiving messages at Email On Deck, but only because step one is a CAPTCHA to make sure you're a human being, not a web-based robot.It randomly assigns you an obfuscated email address (like "[email protected]").Of course, you can pay /month if you want to get a 10MB storage inbox that is private just for you.You don't get interfaces as simple as this very often.

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