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"No, he's very happy playing football, carrying on with music, piano and violin," says Highmore the elder.

"He's very happy not to have been involved in all of it.

"He's a few years older than me, but our families have known each other for ages, not just through acting," says Highmore.

"Even before Dan and I had done our first film, we were playing together on the beach. So it's funny that we've grown up and both ended up doing films.

His latest transitional, not-quite-adult role will be screened on BBC1 over Christmas.

In Toast, an adaptation by the Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall of Nigel Slater's memoir of family and food in the West Midlands of the 1960s, Highmore plays the future cookery writer from his mid-teens through to catering college.

"It should definitely be different to other things I've done, so I'm excited about that," he says.

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"It's definitely older." He has also been in South Africa filming Master Harold and the Boys, a drama set in the Apartheid era, co-starring Ving Rhames. Highmore did well enough in his A-levels to win a place at Cambridge, and he is currently nearing the end of his first term studying Spanish and Arabic at Emmanuel College.

It's the best thing that he's been so accepting and encouraging of me doing this – he hasn't wanted to do it, which I think is great.

He's doing his own thing." In fact, Bertie and Freddie made their debut together – in Women Talking Dirty – but from then on it was Freddie all the way, with small parts in the TV dramas Happy Birthday Shakespeare, I Saw You and Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story, in which he acted alongside his father. They'd say, 'There's a small part for a boy to walk along with his dad; would Freddie like to come over for the afternoon?

"People have different expectations when you're younger – it's less about changing yourself into a character; they want a more natural thing.

And they just want you to be able to turn up every day and carry on working.

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