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Nickname: Beta Chi National South Asian Fraternity Founded: June 2, 1999 (UCLA) Founding Date at UAB: Sept.

4, 2011 Motto: "Above All Else, Brotherhood" Colors: Black, Silver, and White Symbol: Lion Main Philanthropy: “Fight to Beat Heart Disease” National South Asian Fraternity Founding Date: October 1, 1998 (University of Texas) Founding Date at UAB: Feb.

Highlight the programs that are making a difference on your campus.

Got one better for you: ask your Prophytes and Old Heads what their favorite programs are and why.

7, 2013 Motto: "In Brotherhood Lies Our Strength" Colors: Navy blue, silver Symbol: The Asiatic lion Main Philanthropy: Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund National South Asian Sorority Founding Date: December 6, 1998 (University of Houston) Founding Date at UAB: Jan.

8, 2011 Motto: “We Dreamt, We Saw, We Conquered” Colors: Red, Black, and Silver Symbol: Bengal tiger Main Philanthropy: Literacy Through Unity National South Asian Sorority Founding Date: December 10, 1998 (St.

Even though your process dictates HOW you start, it does not DEFINE how you continue to leave your mark. The meat of our existence is based on you making an even stronger presence after your probate mask comes off.

Brag about the awesome initiatives you’re implementing.Probe them about what made it special and how they were able to execute events effectively and successfully.Then, populate your future conversations with those talking points.Divulge the things that make your organization purposeful AND popular. You’re now Frank the Frat Brother and Sandra the Sorority Girl.Although Greek Life has its perks (socially and professionally), your letters don’t make you infallible or invisible. Your organization carries weight and you must carry it gracefully, of how others conduct themselves. We ask you to be accountable because our whole existence depends on it.Here are 9 truths our Neos need to know, but we rarely get to tell them: Majority of the time when you run into NPHC members, especially if you’re new, people are going to ask you a series of questions like, “You’re Greek? Even more-so, it’s hard for them to tell you what’s going on in their chapter.This could be because they’re inactive (which could be for a variety of reasons).It’s also your duty to prove us wrong – any doubts that we had about you need to be debunked rather than reaffirmed. It’s okay to not be with us at every second of the day. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for attending another organization’s meeting. Also, if you ever feel that Greek Life is impeding on important things in your life (romantic relationships, spiritual relationships, friendships, grades, health, opportunities, sanity, etc), feel free to take a breather. Analyze, prioritize and revitalize if you need to step away.You can do exceedingly more than we could ever do, IF you APPLY YOURSELF. Spending time with your non-Greek friends isn’t a sin. Let someone you trust know you’re stepping off the scene. We’re ONE of the many organizations you belong to, not the ONLY. We understand you have a life outside of Greekdom (or you should have one).Don’t let us leave without making sure we pass down the scepter and the instructions on how to use it. Whether that potential is fully grown or needs some development, we saw it in you. You are the leaders of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We’re privately and patiently waiting for you to make us proud.It’s your duty to prove us right – show us that the light we saw in you is going to shine, and it’s gonna shine bright. Another reason why we picked you is because you add a unique twist to our story line. If you want to do your own solo dolo thing sometimes, that’s cool.

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