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In a recent post on Slate‘s XX Factor blog, Amanda Hess writes:“[Dating sites] assume that we can just plug our metadata into a computer, run it through an algorithm, scroll through a list of prospects sorted by the mathematical possibility that we’ll get along, and find someone.That’s just not how human relationships work—not on the Internet and not off.”Then again, human relationships don’t usually cost ,000 a year, like e H does.

The answer is yes, and in more profound ways than we realized.

Take a look: We aren’t really looking to “date,” per se.

And because the counselors spend time screening matches on the phone, you’re much less likely to run into the all-too-common surprise of discovering the person you were messaging online isn’t who you thought they would be in person.

(A recent Pew Internet & American Life Project study of attitudes toward online dating reported 54% of daters have encountered people they felt “seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile.”)e H not only opens up a new revenue stream for the company, it also marks a significant shift from both the regular version of e Harmony, which costs $50 a month, and similar dating sites like, OKCupid, and Zoosk, all of which maintain their own stables of skeptics who question the validity of using an algorithm to find love.

Charly has become one of the world’s leading dating industry experts, and a sought after industry consultant, representing the online dating industry in the press, on TV and radio, and at prestigious tech conferences.

Charly is the former Global Head of Dating for Time Out, has worked as a Dating Editor at The Guardian, and CMO for M14 Industries.Charly Lester first founded The Dating Awards in 2014 as a response to questions which readers of her popular dating blog ’30 Dates’ sent in, asking for advice on which dating sites, apps and services to use.Now in their 4th year, the UK Dating Awards is the largest dating industry event in the world, and Charly has also taken the Awards to the US and the European mainland.“It killed the stigma of online dating by being about online dating,” says Steve Dean, founder of Dateworking, a consulting company for individual online daters and dating sites. But the app caught on because it made it OK to know exactly what you were seeking.“Tinder says, ‘Do whatever the hell you want; we’re just going to show you people who are nearby and likely to start talking to you,’ ” says Dean.And it work: More than 30 percent of women who use apps in our survey said they found a serious partner on them; 12 percent married their match. Of course, the number-one change the apps have brought is the ability to access millions of single people at warp speed, at any time, wherever we are.That’s how I started going out with a guy I matched with when my uncle’s Christmas toast ran long (admit it, you’ve swiped under the table too).But Langston suspects a fair number of both current and new customers will be attracted to the service.“I think a lot of people will be relieved to not have to do so much management of their online profile. “A lot of the people that are going to want to use e H are successful people with busy lives.Sometimes it’s hard to remember how single people met each other before dating apps like Tinder. Just bang our friends when we accidentally lingered too long at the house party?Asking for a little help finding a partner is hardly new—where would Patti Stanger of fame be if people didn’t need expert advice?What Tinder changed (racking up 1.4 billion swipes a day, more than any other platform) was that it never actually said it was a dating app. (Before Tinder), dating sites specialized based on a desired level of commitment—a casual hook-up, an actual relationship, marriage.

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