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She has become the stronger and more muscular of the two of us. I'll admit that I am not a skilled wrestler and I've only wrestled her a few times.

I suspect she has a very high degree of fast twitch fiber.

I can honestly say that her leg muscles are about twice the size of mine now and her upper body is considerably more developed.

Here's what happened, she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed and at the same time she pressed my arms off the floor and while I was pinned by her legs she continued pressing my arms until they were behind my back.

She broke loose from my hold on her wrists and grabbed my wrists continueing to push my arms back.

She grunts every time she powers on my pinned upper body but stops short of tearing my muscles.

I was in some pain when she tells me what she could do to me.

It's almost as if some females are able to hold part of their muscle in "reserve" and then, when it is needed, can add extra size to the muscle which is fed from the enlarged veins.

Maybe this is not exactly how it works (from a scientific standpoint), but it seems that way to me.

Anyway, I have tried do this and I simply can't since my muscle is just too small. I have seen this whole thing happen many times when Jeri is armwrestling and once I see this extra muscle push up from her bicep, I know that it's over for me.

Just one question, does your wife's muscle expand mostly from the top or does it get bigger all around?

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