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Forecastfox radar not updating

To date, more than 21,000,000 users have downloaded the vastly popular add-on.After a little further investigation, I discovered that Aaron Sarna, the developer who added all the extra features and whistles and bells to Forecastfox Weather to create Forecastbar Enhanced 0.9, has joined the Forecastfox Weather development team.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

Hovering over the icons shows more information such as temperature and wind speed.

As of 2014, the extension is no longer being updated.

When I first went to the add-on's download page, you can imagine my horror when it prominently stated that Forecastbar Enhanced 0.9 was no longer being developed.

Forecastfox Weather originally debuted in December, 2004, and was available for Firefox versions 0.10 through 1.0 . After 38 more subsequent releases, we now are up to Forecastfox Weather 2.0.1. The temps will be in the 70s in the afternoon and there isn't a real chance for rain until later in the day on Sunday.By Monday, showers will be back, but they won't last long.Mankind has forever been intrigued with the weather. Plant at the wrong time, and you risk wiping out an entire crop.Outdoor events are planned with regard to the weather.Deployment on current Firefox versions requires the Addon Bar (Restored) or Classic Theme, as the extension toolbar is no longer standard in the default browser.There is also a version of the extension for Google Chrome. Previously, the feed was provided by but the terms of service became too restrictive.As a result, Forecastfox Weather 2.0.1 contains all of those enhancements that were formerly in Forecastbar Enhanced 0.9.When you first install Forecastfox Weather 2.0, it will add its display to your menu bar (at least it did on my computer, and I cannot be certain if that is the default position, or because that's where I had the previous version of Forecastbar Enhanced appear).Originally, I had planned on writing about Forecastbar Enhanced 0.9.It contained all of the features of Forecastfox Weather, plus a lot of extras, including the live, on-demand animated radar image.

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