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And if you’re a woman who has lost a partner to porn addiction, this isn’t just some abstract concept, but reality.

Using ‘real’ women in pornography “socialized users to believe that everyday women are sexually available” and experimental, and continues to make most visible the sense that a young woman’s identity is one that emphasizes her as “a sexual being at the exclusion of anything else”.

As Dines continues, the pornography industry has worked carefully and strategically to “sanitize its products by stripping away the ‘dirt’ factor and reconstituting porn as fun, edgy, chic, sexy and hot.” Unfortunately, once a user scrapes beyond the soft-core surface of the pornography industry, they will dive into the “anything goes” world of hardcore pornography, filled with fetish, violence, bestiality, genital torture, barely legal content and group ‘gang-bangs’.

” While statistics vary wildly regarding the actual percentage of men, women and children viewing pornography, the theme is consistent: pornography use has become normalized in our culture.

Porn stars are now mainstream icons; little girls wear the Playboy bunny with pride on their t-shirts; our music industry continues to push the limits of “sexual expression” to the point that today’s music videos resemble the “soft-core” pornography of yesteryear; and, as author Gail Dines describes in her new book, Pornland, shows like ‘Girls Gone Wild’ (GGW) have positioned themselves “not as a porn product, but rather as hot, sexy fun that pushes the envelope of mainstream pop culture.” The accessibility to soft-core pornography, “user-generated” pornography, and T. shows like GGW and Girls Next Door, has filled a gap for the pornography Industry where, as Dines explains, “in the place of scripted and carefully crafted scenes of hard-core porn” viewers witness ‘real’ women creating porn and engaging in porn-inspired acts as a “sexy” part of a normal woman’s everyday life.

You’ve had a loving partner who didn’t feel up to having sex but would go downstairs in the middle of the night to take care of himself and feed his fantasies.

That’s bad news and I’m highly sympathetic to anyone who has been through some version of that.

But that’s no reason for all men to put down their porn simultaneously.

In that regard, it’s a vice like any other vice – fun in moderation, dangerous when addicted.

It’s gotten a lot of internet air play because it’s a juicy subject: man lays out, in a logical (and researched) manner, the six reasons why men must give up pornography. It can create an unrealistic set of expectations about real-life sex with a real live woman with real-life emotions.

I can already hear the collective “amen” from a lot of women, and I don’t entirely blame them. It can become a serious addiction that cripples a man’s ability to be in a committed sexual relationship.

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