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Fact operating pc shocking system updating

Both will pull search results from the Internet, both can find files or apps, and both can pull in location data when needed.Yet, these features are accessed in drastically different ways.WWDC 2014 made it clear that OS X 10.10 is a major update which will provide a wide array of new features.

OS X Yosemite builds on the dominance of i OS, but doesn’t force desktop owners into changes they don’t want or need.Many desktop owners (and some laptop users, too) have protested against the disappearance of the Start Menu, and the need to enter the Metro interface to perform some tasks.While these complaints haven’t fallen on deaf ears, the subsequent updates to Windows 8 have restored features at a lazy pace.The Notification Center, Spotlight, Safari, Email and Calendar all in some way integrate with or borrow ideas from Apple’s mobile devices, making the desktop stronger in the process.Unlike Microsoft, however, Apple only borrows ideas that work.To enjoy the service on your desktop, you must download another app from Microsoft’s website which operates independently from the one supplied with Windows. One Drive also lacks the wide range of features that i Cloud in OS X makes available.There’s no equivalent to i Tunes Match, i Cloud Key Chain, Photo Stream, or i Cloud’s backup and restore features.That’s a strategy that offers the best of both worlds.This theme carries over to i Cloud, where Apple has once again leveraged its expanding cloud services to provide interesting and accessible features.Spotlight also takes up only a portion of the desktop, giving users the chance to maneuver other windows and icons around it.Apple’s approach treats the desktop as the primary workspace, and utilizes it to maximum effect; Microsoft’s approach ignores it, and pretends that the PC is an over-sized tablet.

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