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The limited launch is meant to serve as a test to see if Facebook’s messaging platform could encourage broader, more public conversations focused on specific topics.

The good thing about this service is that you choose who to chat with.At this time, only users in those regions will be able to create Rooms.By now, you must have heard about work from home job opportunities where you sign up and start earning money right in the comfort of your home by doing small tasks.In September, code was discovered hidden in the Messenger app that referenced a feature by the same name, which also offered some explanation of how Rooms worked.At the time, text found in the code stated that “rooms are for public conversations about topics and interests.Now, Rooms is becoming available to a wider audience: Australia and Canada. According to Facebook’s explanation of Rooms at launch, as reported by The Courier Mail, the feature is different from group chats because it’s focused on chatting around specific topics with people you may or may not know.These countries are often places where the social network trials new products because of their English-speaking user bases, before rolling out the feature to the U. Group chats, meanwhile, are only generally joined by family and friends you do know.However, users will be able to set Rooms to private, and only allow those to join when they are approved by an administrator.This could work well as an add-on for things like larger Facebook groups, where not all the members are also Facebook friends. But it could also help connect people around subjects they want to discuss via messaging, instead of the more formal structure of a Facebook group.Lip Service accepts women participants from the United States and Canada at the moment and you must be 18 years and above to qualify.My Girl Fund is yet another work from home chat service that allows women to chat, flirt, and text men for extra cash.

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