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Aylward recommends using diffused lamps or wrapping your lights in wax paper or professional soft-tint paper.

Make sure you’re facing the brightest light source or else your interviewer will see a dark outline sans facial features.

They have also become a source of security and privacy issues, as some built-in webcams can be remotely activated by spyware.

But what was once viewed as trendy gadgetry is now increasingly seen as a tool for slashing recruiters’ expenses.

Online shoe retailer has been interviewing job candidates via Skype, the free video chat service.

This way, you can pinpoint the exact differences.” If that sounds a bit intimidating, it probably should, because the usual goal of Webcam interviewing is to whittle down a list of candidates to one or two who actually get to meet their prospective employer in the flesh.

Here are some tips from Newman and Aylward on how to survive the online video interview gauntlet.

“You can display six candidates side-by-side on the screen, and flip through their responses to the same question,” says Hire Vue CEO Mark Newman.

“It eliminates the worst part of live interviewing — when you’re not able to remember who said what.

Practice: Whether you do a live two-way or record a video-on-demand clip on a corporate Web site, you don’t get a do-over if you come off like a noob.

Aylward and Newman recommend doing a few dry runs on your own to check the equipment, lighting and camera position.

“Companies don’t like to hear something practiced,” Newman counsels.

“They want that raw response.” Give maximum content, minimum bloviation: Remember, video isn’t like a face-to-face interview, where you might try to establish rapport by spending 10 minutes discussing your prospective boss’s favorite NASCAR drivers or collection of vintage troll dolls.

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