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Eyetv tv guide not updating

If you see multiple listings for each channel in the selection window, you have fed Eye TV with multiple XMLTV data sources.

In my experience the EPG data of grabbers like tv_grab_nl_py is decent, although commercial EPG services are still better.

The difference is that tvtv has specific content for each episode of a series or a show, while grabbers sometimes only list generic information about the series or show.

The only commercial service that offers native EPG data is

Myth TV Netherlands has a list of grabbers that download EPG data from public websites such as and

You need to modify the username, path to update_eyetv_and the minutes.

Eyetv tv guide not updating Local porn webcam dating

(It is recommended not to run the script between and because shows the previous day's schedule.) Copy the above file to ~/Library/Launch Agents/com.tvgrabnlpy.update_eyetv_guide.plist The Launch Agent, as it is called, should now automatically load after a reboot.

To manually load it, run: Since it is a Launch Agent, it is only started if the user is logged in.

This is intended since Eye TV must run for proper use.

For each channel, select "xmltv" from the EPG column.

This should open a pop up where you can choose the associated channel.

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