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Complete with a replica of the Absinthe Fountain of New Orleans, this upscale Oyster House brings all the beauty and charm of New York, Paris and New Orleans.With accommodating staff and 30 varieties of aphrodisiac appetizers, this establishment is THE date night destination.Lawsuit: Pat Krieger, left, the sports director at Trinity School in Manhattan and a lesbian, allegedly helped fire Gregory Kenney, right, because she disapproved of his traditional family status and commitments Ostracized: When Kenney complained that extra work conflicted with time with his wife Suzanne, right, and their children, Krieger allegedly gave him no sympathy - whereas she went easier on younger, female staff Kenney, who coached soccer, basketball and golf at Trinity, added that on at least one occasion he was dissuaded from going to school events 'because he was a heterosexual, married male with children, who wouldn't fit in with [Krieger's] "culture",' the Post reported.

The father-of-three, 51, also claims in the lawsuit that athletic director Pat Krieger took a disliking to him for being straight when she arrived in 2009 and treated the young, single women employees far better.Whether you come for live music, sports or just the festival fun of it all, you’ll find that New York City’s oldest beer garden is still the best year-round hangout.If access to premiere craft brews is what drives your perfect evening, The Shanty is where you need to be.With an eclectic food menu and ever-expanding wine list, this bar emphasizes originality and the comforts of home in Hell’s Kitchen.Whether you desire an intimate evening in a cozy lounge or a late night unwinding with co-workers, Ardesia accommodates it all!Offering options for private events for large groups or intimate dining experiences, this bar brings all parts required for a memorable New York City night out.More than 10 years ago, “The Gang,” a band of five good ol’ New York City boys, established a nightlife environment that is as exclusive as its name would lead you to believe.With so many venues to choose from, picking the prime scene for a night out on the town can be tough.Look no further because we’ve scoured the Big Apple and brought you the best bars for the best nights in NYC!Serving some of the best Czech and craft beers around, Bohemian Hall is proud to be one of the largest outdoor drinking venues in New York City.Brought to you by the Bohemian Citizens’ Benevolent Society of Astoria, The Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall is a rare, festive treat.

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