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Excel 2016 screenupdating not working

Most of us use macros to automate processes that we repeat or that require specialized knowledge.

With the new encryption scheme, protecting and unprotecting a worksheet in code takes a touch longer. I don’t know what exactly to do about the protection problem.

My code opens templates, unprotects them, writes stuff, combines them into a final report, and reprotects them.

Article contributed by Daryl Lucas Many people know they can speed execution of Word Automation by turning off screen updating: Word. Screen Updating = False Many do not know, however, that they can get an even greater speed boost by hiding the application altogether.

Here is an example from a Visual Basic client: In the above example, Word launches but does not appear anywhere on the screen. (It does, though, show up in NT's Task Manager, in its list of running processes.) Despite this apparent lack of response, Word is very active and quite capable of doing everything it is told-creating a new document, inserting the message, , saving the file, closing it, and quitting.

Specifically, built-in updating features and explicit references to the sheet or a range will slow down your code.

Admittedly, with today's fast systems, simple macros won't always need optimization.

In this case, it's more efficient to define a variable with the value in I4 and use the variable, as follows: Function Return Fee Fast() Dim int Fee As Integer int Fee = Range("I4").

Value Select Case int Fee Case 1 Return Fee = int Fee * 10 Case 2 Return Fee = int Fee * 20 Case 3 Return Fee = int Fee * 30 Case 4 Return Fee = int Fee * 40 Case 5 Return Fee = int Fee * 50 End Select Msg Box Return Fee, vb OKOnly End Function Please forgive the obnoxiously contrived examples, but the concept is the point, not the code's purpose.

Recently a client of mine upgraded to 2013 with, let’s say, disasterous consequences.

First, there’s the Single Document Interface (SDI). If you have two linked documents open and you calculate, both documents go into the calculation tree.

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    Apr 13, 2015. You can use the Application. DisplayStatusBar property to temporarily disable any status bar updates, further improving the performance of your macro. Application. Calculation = xlCalculationManual. Application. ScreenUpdating = False. Application. DisplayStatusBar = False. 'Place your macro code here.…

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    Your code will also run slightly faster when the screen updating property is set to False. Switching the screenupdating off can. In Excel it was not necessary to manually reset the screenupdating back to True as this was done for you automatically at the end of a macro. Application. ScreenUpdating = False…