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Eve hewson james lafferty dating

“Sophia and I are both professional and mature enough to get through it,” he said. He is rumoured to be dating Eve Hewson, the daughter of U2 lead singer, Bono.

Les stars ont beau toujours être au top sur les tapis rouges, dans la vie elles ressemblent beaucoup plus à monsieur ou madame tout le monde.

Faisant preuve d'humour et de bonne humeur, James Lafferty, qui incarnait Nathan Scott dans la série Pour passer de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année, les deux amoureux n'ont rien trouvé de mieux que de se déguiser.

By contrast, Eve's current home is a small apartment near NYU that she shares with a fellow undergrad.

Her parents' pad is off-limits to the student and her pals. Her dad might be one of the world's wealthiest rock stars but his daughter is no spoilt little rich girl.

James Martin Lafferty was born in Hemet, California, to parents Jeff and Angie Lafferty, who own a local construction company. Attending Hemet High School until 2003, Lafferty graduated and enrolled at California State University, Long Beach.

At the age of eighteen, he moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, after he was cast as Nathan Scott on the teenage drama , where he portrayed the younger half-brother to series lead Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray), bad boy basketball star Nathan Scott.

After two years studying acting at New York University, she's hoping to finish her course ahead of schedule — but that means buckling down and focusing on college work from now until the end of summer.

When her parents, the U2 frontman and his wife Ali, stay in New York they go to their multimillion-dollar duplex penthouse in the exclusive San Reno building on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Eve Hewson, Jordon, Elijah and John all posed for a picture today as they stood outside Ceadarwood Road in Glasnevin.

James Lafferty voir le jour à Hemet, en Cali­for­nie, le 25 juillet 1985.

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