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Evan dando juliana hatfield dating

It’s a Shame About Ray was two albums later, and it came out 20 years ago today.

It was a step even further into the “college rock” or “alternative” dimension.

Evan dando juliana hatfield dating

I think it’s probably like “Evan Dando without his drug buddy is like a ship without a rudder”. You can buy It’s a Shame About Ray in many different forms and release versions from the store.And when she’s not there, it’s a strange feeling of “something’s missing”.No matter how many hundreds of times I’ve listened to the song over the 20 years, I still expect her vocals to be there in the chorus and also in the third verse.She also just writes the most gut wrenching and perfectly simplistic songs.The best thing about Hatfield is she really feels things. Hatfield’s last album, , was a disaster in my mind.I’ll point out that while I like the song a lot, I’ve always hated one of the lines that Juliana delivers. I’m also on the fence about the fact that her vocals are treated differently.I don’t know if they’re double tracked, or if there’s a ton of delay on them, or both, but it makes it sound almost as if her vocals were recorded completely independently of the rest of that song.This naturally led to turmoil in the band, and a lot of turnover.Later, towards the end of the band’s existence, it was revealed that Dando was addicted to crack cocaine. While the first few records were decidedly punk rock, they made a major shift in the 1990s.Dando drove the other founding members away with his antics.They became a “college rock” band and signed to a major label.

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