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Etrust server not updating

In looking at the e Trust Distribution Events log, I noticed that the following message had been logged several times a day since the last server reboot: Rather than rebooting the server (and causing a disruption to everybody in the office), I found that manually launching (located at C:\Program Files\CA\Shared Components\Scan Engine) did the trick.

11/5/2007 AM Information 0 Host enumeration complete 11/5/2007 AM Critical 0 Local update unsuccessful 11/5/2007 AM Information 0 Update completed 11/5/2007 AM Information 0 No updates found for “e Trust Vet Engine” 11/5/2007 AM Information 0 No updates found for “e Trust Pest Patrol Signatures” Time Type Code Description 11/5/2007 AM Information 0 Host enumeration complete 11/5/2007 AM Information 0 Downloading from “com:80?

I currently have etrust Anti Virus 7.1 on my machine.

The virus definitions for one of our internal servers running Computer Associates e Trust ITM v8.0 hadn’t been updated since the last time we rebooted the server (about 45 days ago).

I tried updating the definitions manually by right-clicking the e Trust ITM tray icon and clicking Download Updates Now and also restarting the e Trust ITM services – both to no avail.

The following message was then logged: Time Type Code Description 11/5/2007 AM Information 0 The distribution program started incoming redistribution update.

11/5/2007 AM Information 0 11/5/2007 AM Warning -1 Finished download process unsuccessfully.There is also a trusted and free utility that shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them.These programs include ones in your startup folder, Run, Run Once, and other Registry keys.I have noticed that after installing ISA SP2 some things need to be filled in more correctly and for somethings that worked okay, now there needs to be a rule.My last updates where of the same date as the date i installed KB 916106, i don't know if that has something to do with it ?Of course, you can also do this all remotely with the Computer Management tool and something like PSKILL (from PSTools), so you don't have to be sitting at the machine to do it.As I said, I don't believe that this is an e Trust problem, it looks as though Windows is borked somehow, possibly an issue with SIDs or something. SBS2003 premium with ISA server SP2 installed Since a couple of days my definitions stopped updating. If i monitor i see a line coming in my isa server saying : date/time destination ip : 2.4 (which is the com) port : 21 protocol : unidentified ip traffic action : DENIED connection client ip : Source netw : local host Destination : external So isa is in fact denying the connection.So i need to make a rule, but i can't seem to find how to build up my rule correctly. Since going from 2000 to 2004 version, sometimes i have trouble of finding things that used to be easy.In the case of e Trust, the fix is to open up the Services control panel (In the cases I have seen, the update works correctly after the Administrator account has been specified.There does seem to be some problem with the SYSTEM service not working properly.

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