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Error updating windows time

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue in a KB article and provided a fix for it.

Microsoft has also shared a few known methods to fix this annoying issue which are mentioned in a simple and easy to understand language as following: If any or all above mentioned services are not running or not set to Automatic, double-click on the service, set its Startup type to Automatic from the drop-down list, Apply the changes and click on "Start" button to immediately start it.

Briefly, the upgrade process consists of four phases: Downlevel, Safe OS, First boot, and Second boot. These phases are explained in greater detail below.

Note: If only a result code is returned, this can be because a tool is being used that was not able to capture the extend code.When performing an operating system upgrade, Windows Setup uses phases described below. After the first reboot, the user interface will remain the same until the upgrade is completed.Percent progress is displayed and will advance as you move through each phase, reaching 100% at the end of the second boot phase.In most cases, the cause is a driver compatibility issue.To troubleshoot a failed upgrade that has returned a result code of 0x C1900101, analyze the extend code to determine the Windows Setup phase, and see the Resolution procedures section later in this topic.The message STATUS_SOME_NOT_MAPPED is more ambiguous, and means that an action is pending.In this case, the action pending is often the cleanup operation from a previous installation attempt, which can be resolved with a system reboot. If you find it, either change its values to 0 or delete the DWORD. Close Registry Editor and restart your computer to take effect. In right-side pane, look for a DWORD Disable Windows Update Access.This topic contains a brief introduction to Windows 10 installation processes, and provides resolution procedures that IT administrators can use to resolve issues with Windows 10 upgrade.The following sections and procedures are provided in this guide: an error occurred in the upgrade process.

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