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Error updating locale cisco phone

Can be as simple as the phone label name is too long.

You were so right, can’t believe that I spent a night trying to change software that was already loaded. p File Not Found : English_United_Kingdom/p Error Updating Locale p File Not Found : /g4p Error Updating Locale p TFTP Error : Can I please have guidance on how to get past the No Trust List installed message in the log as I can’t get my 9971 to register and seeing as Trixbox is seeing no registration requests and also in the log is “Error Verifying Config Info” I figure it’s the phone that’s not happy (it keeps pulling the config file every 30 seconds too). You can disregard the No trust list as I get that on mine and it still registers. There is something in your sep xml file that the phone doesnt like. I have had the issue with all Cisco phones i have setup at first.Im still trying to get the 2way video to work, receiving but not sending.I’ve tried two configs, the one provided on this thread and another more substantially longer one from another page.Lovely phones when you get them all working, 2-way video too, BLF on call lists, visual voicemail, all the trick stuff you would take for granted on an ‘easier’ phone.There are some clever people out there still hacking this stuff, folks like Gareth on JIRA who has done a massive amount of coding work on the Asterisk patches to get the BLF, presence, call forwarding, etc, etc functionality working between an essentially proprietary/closed bit of kit (never mind it runs SIP, its Cisco SIP!!! I think I have seen presence lists demonstrated on CUCM.Here is an extract of what you will need to see for extension ‘100’ in the sip_custom_file: Forget any messages about CTL or trust lists, as troy has noted the phone will register fine without a valid CTL. Ataman - Please do not post the same question multiple times, especially in threads that are not completely related.Your issue is that your SEP config file is imperfect - the phone will parse the config file and if it finds an error, no matter how minor will reject it and revert to the previous know good config. It does not increase your chances of getting answered, in fact it has the opposite effect because as soon as someone scanning the forums sees a duplicate post they are going to characterize the user as annoying. To get you started I deleted one of you three posts (I am one of the volunteer moderators). This subject would not be worthy of its own page for most phones, but there are enough caveats and workarounds for these UAs that others may benefit from shared experience.Note that US part numbers are used throughout this write up.If there is something else I need, a PM would be excellent.Got the partially working…Thanks for the link to the helpful info.

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