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Erotic literature, on the other hand, was a sly way to get my porn secretly.

I found quiet times when I could read a variety of themes including: lesbian, gangbang, incest, and interracial.

This seemed to really enhance the size of the cock, making it stand out prominently.

A woman's vagina was only so deep, and the majority of her erogenous stimulants were on the outside or in the first couple of inches inside...

but enormous variety could be found in how wide a cock could stretch a pussy.

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There is the legendary and powerful beauty of a black cock (the ultimate taboo being a white man sucking a black cock), as well as the dark skinned cocks of various Indian groups, but even as features of white men the cock could be any of a wide variety of shades of colour... the emergence of each cock into view was like unwrapping an unpredictable new present for the first time.

CUM ERUPTION: Although I hadn't tasted cum yet, which I was sure would have a variety of tastes (as pussy could), I was even fascinated by the visual ways that cum exiting the cock varied.Becoming a Cocksucker: A Journey Summary: Man's journey from straight & married to loving cock sucking Note 1: Although unorthodox, this is a 2017 Valentine's Day Contest.No it's not a love story between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or even a man and a man...I noticed how the cock pulsed in a woman's hand or mouth just before it erupted. Some were porn star long, some were little boy small and then there fell (or rose) the majority, that ranged within the ends of the spectrum.I stared as cum shot out and splattered someone's pretty face. And although I had a five and a half inch cock, just above average, I was somehow getting obsessed with bigger cocks.Not surprisingly, the same intriguing variety could be found when someone was sucking a dick and it was spreading their mouth as wide as possible.SHAVED: One thing I noticed in porn once I started focusing on the cock was that almost every man's cock was shaved.Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, goamz86, Robert, Hfernandez1983, and Wayne for editing.Note 3: The story was inspired by many fans who have requested such a story, the Literotica forum and these lit posters: Mr.although I still ignored the pussy most of the time.This led to me mostly watching blow job scenes where I became fascinated at watching the cock slide in and out of the girl's mouth. I was discovering I also loved the beauty of a cock. While the average cock size when erect was 5.1 inches (yes, don't ask me why but I actually did look that up), they really did come in all sizes.

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