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A proposition from Rivaille/Levi tips Eren's insanity scale, smut and humor occurs. : Spoiler warning: Tsuna had never been particularly good at anything. He failed all school subjects, and wasn't exactly great at making friends, but when he's given a camera and he takes a few photos, he doesn't seem so untalented after all.

Except for the facts that the other pair of lips belongs to Akashi and that they are both sweaty and breathless and in their own basketball uniforms, everything else is blurry. Well, he changed, and went through puberty, and is still in the awkward stage of ignorant bliss to his own charms."I will always wait for you! A boy that dragged him out of depression and the cold. 1827Sure, Tsuna was forced to agree to be a mafia boss but Reborn has other plans. Find his guardians within a year while trying to hide his identity as Tsubaki Mikomi, a female model, singer, and artist. Tsuna never really thought life could be anymore bland not until that fateful night he gained six, violent and dangerous Guardians who hates him to the core. He never intended to fall in love with the herbivore yet he did.

Akashi/Furihata"Having you pity me makes me want to jump off this cliff." "What cliff? Oh, he also gains a fedora hat wearing baby as a tutor. Before he knew it, his facade was slowly breaking and he started to let this herbivore into his life.

Male Reader is a complete fan of anime and is obsessed with anything Yaoi. His adopted son, Castiel, a weird kid with a history of his own, has to adjust.

Moreover, when he moves to a different Country, finding a boy who resembles that of a cowardly hero willing to do anything for his friends - what does he do? This is a Destiel fanfiction, and I'm going to update Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3 hours later, he's on a flight to Italy, with no luggage, no sense of Italian, and a cranky Varia leader next to him who will be supervising his training. YAOI 182769, 8059 DISCONTINUED REASONING INSIDE[Previously titled Of Vongola and Facebook] How do you people think the people of 400-years-ago did their social networking stuff? Featuring : Giotto and his co.(AU) Scott's always been sure about his sexuality—he's straight, surely.

But life is never so smooth, to mess it up there is School Prince Vongola Giotto whom takes a 'liking' to him and his best friend Reborn whom is… R27/G27When Tsuna isn't woken by a mallet one morning, he thinks he's having a good day. Anyone would improve by leaps and bounds given this chance; this was his chance to secure himself a spot as a regular. From perverted pineapples, a murderous prefect to a sadistic home tutor Tsuna's life was just getting more and more complicated each coming day. If only he could run from Reborn, then maybe it wouldn't be so difficult. *NOT ABANDONED (I swear, I know it's been forever)Tsuna lost a bet, now he is dressed as a GIRL and MUST overcome a high school year. (Kagakuro, Aokise, Midotaka, Akafuri, Muramuro and more.)Furihata Kouki was excited that his school had been one of 10 schools invited to be trained by professional coaches for one whole week. Disclaimer: Kn B (C) Fujimaki Tadatoshi His 2nd year in High school and it seems everyone has a sudden interest in Tsuna. Running, however, was a completely different story. Neither of them knew about each other until social services introduced them. He then wishes to go back to the time when his friends wouldn't fear him... Idiots are the most devoted lovers after all, and they're here to make you feel the Kuroko no Basuke love in the air.And what's worse, the prison is filled with hot guys just itching to rape him for the sake of breaking the monotony. Tsuna is part of the entertainment industry and his agent Reborn had landed him a large scale collaboration with one of the most famous actors in the world. Story about one scaredy cat and one boy who despite being excellent in everything is quite lonely. Going to tag as Mido Taka as well, but it's mostly Aka Furi.Worse, his ex-boyfriend Giotto is one of them..."Everyone this is my Uncle. The team, expect Kagami who just grinned like an idiot, had their mouths open in shock. " 'He's looks nothing like him.' Was the thought that flickered through everyone's head. Kouki just finished doing his homework in the middle of the night.If Kuroko and Aomine's play is so compatible to annoying degree, Kuroko and Akashi is compatible in plotting to a terrifying degree. Generation of Miracles reunited in Winter Cup to watch Kise's quarter final match against the ex-fifth player. R27It all started when they heard of the mysterious club, that compromises of all the girls in Nami Chuu. started to investigate, imagine their surprise to see the members of the club, holding an auction for doujins w/ them as characters! Written for a prompt - Kise/Any; blindfolded, topping from the bottom, over @kurobasuanonmeme on Tumblr.Kise couldn't help but think they 'suppose' to cheer him up, not threatening him. Ever since the whole school knew that Tsuna and his friends were related to the mafia, things started to go wrong. As the weakest member in the team, Kuroko stays back after basketball practice to train on his stamina. Xanxus stood before you fully cloaked in a Batman costume glaring down at you with a smirk. "Never Batsy " You flipped over him and the chase began.What will happen when Kuroko suddenly turns into a four year old and starts saying his honest opinion of everyone? It was a long way down into insanity, but if the Animus had thought him anything it was how to free-fall with the velocity of losing 1 million neurons per memory.Desmond was good at free-falling; too good, in fact, that he thought he really should slow down a bit, and if it had to be Shaun who was going to be the hand to keep him hanging for a bit longer, so be it.[Er Vaille : Ri Ren] A soldier's life is a full-time job and one takes pleasure when one gets it.Kagami watches from afar and decides to show Kuroko what real stamina training is. Aomine Daiki was skipping practice like usual until Momoi tells him Tetsu's in the hospital. Readerx Xanxus It was a constant raging battle but it was a battle that had to be fought; if he destroyed himself in the process of protecting his precious people than so be it.Aomine rushes there & thinks about fighting Kagami Taiga for Tetsu. It was a sacrifice he was willing to give even if everyone around him wasn't. "Welcome to the Vongola dorms." Tsuna never thought living with his step-brother, Giotto, would make rabbit-hungry wolves hunt him down.

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