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Elucidating synonym

So, instead of discovering, I decided we were elucidating instead.

I immediately started second-guessing that choice, because “elucidate” is definitely a twenty-dollar word when a five-cent word works approximately as well, even if it’s not really the most accurate at conveying what I mean.

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As I type this, imagine a little angel and a little devil arguing above my shoulders.

The angel makes a reasonable argument: “Why use it you’re just going to alienate reviewers?

To my ear, the former, with its "lucid" root, emphasizes clarity of result.

The latter ("explain") emphasizes the process of getting there.

I’ve yet to sit on a panel, myself, though I’ve done a fair amount of ad hoc reviewing, so I have yet to build up a repertoire of linguistic pet peeves.

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Over time, I’ve purged some language from my own writing (I once had a reviewer relentlessly flag instances of “in order to” from a manuscript), but I don’t necessarily have a list of words or phrases that regularly induce eye-rolling or mockery. ” Are we sucking all the fun out of scientific writing by eschewing all the nifty words?Avoid unnecessary jargon or “big words” (even if you love them).Avoid the passive voice, and ditch padding like “furthermore” and “moreover.” Steer clear of words like “innovative,” “unique,” or “cutting edge,” because you want to show, and not tell; you also run the risk of overselling your proposed work.Here's a trick I often use when I want a deeper sense of how words have been used in literature: Go to and enter your word.The database of 450 million words will likely return enough examples to give a good sense of how literate folks have used it.” The devil is a little stubborn, and a bit selfish: “Elucidate is a Both are correct, but neither are sitting on a DEB panel come fall.Like most early career researchers, I’ve combed through blog posts and books, and sat in on seminars full of grant-writing tips.Meaning and definitions of elucidate, translation in Hindi language for elucidate with similar and opposite words.Also find spoken pronunciation of elucidate in Hindi and in English language. Fentonia variegata Wileman, 1910 is retained for the eastern Asian population as a subspecies of widespread D. maculata (Moore, 1879), totally five Disparia species are distributed in Taiwan.

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