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Knowing what I am to own and take responsibility for gives me freedom.

I want to buy it for a friend who isn't Christian, and from the preview I saw the information seems solid but it mentions God and the Bible pretty constantly so I'm wondering if there's something a little more toned down.

He would swoop in like Tarzan swinging on a vine, rescue them from whatever situation they found themselves in, and be their hero. But they did not see his inability to allow them to disagree or have an opinion. So, they would be a perfect match—until he would see the other side of a passive, compliant woman.

He would make all the decisions, and he would be strong and dependable. She would be sneaky and not tell him exactly what was going on.

Just as radar signals the approach of a foreign missile, your anger can alert you to boundary violations in your life.” ― Henry Cloud, “Training moments occur when both parents and children do their jobs. Our character and abilities grow through internalizing from others what we do not possess in ourselves.” ― Henry Cloud “Forgiveness gives me boundaries because it unhooks me from the hurtful person, and then I can act responsibly, wisely.

If I am not forgiving them, I am still in a destructive relationship with them.” ― Henry Cloud, “Rich loved taking care of women. He would make up for that inflexibility by being a very attractive "strong man" to women who would want to be swept off their feet more than they wanted a real person.

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