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Listen to the best part: Leading up to the actual event there is a cocktail hour where singles mix and mingle. will be done in the style of the 1960’s television game show.

Begin your Holiday shopping in earnest while enjoying Holiday refreshments. The homes are located within the historic downtown area forthose who enjoy a leisurely walk through the old streets.Cole Camp is known as the place where the prairies and the Ozarks meet.The chamber hosts a variety of events throughout the year.Dates come with on an all-expenses-paid night on the town.Here’s how the night will go: at 6 pm the cocktail and mingle hour will take place.The city has several antique and gift shops, restaurants and a winery that is open seasonally.Now that 501c3 group has a fairly simple question to ask.Augustineto support the decor of the individual home they grace.Tickets are (non-refundable) and go on sale ( Location of the homes on the Tour can be found on the map on the back of the ticket).It aired only three episodes in October 1999 before ABC canceled it.However, Showtime's Show Next channel aired the 10 remaining episodes in 2001.

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