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He and Ridgeley sold themselves on confidence and sexual brio, though Michael later insisted this, too, was a facade, saying he ‘pretended to be sexually confident’, but was instead deeply insecure about his looks.A few months later, however, Feleppa discovered he had Aids.At the age of 19, Michael had told a number of confidantes, along with one of his two sisters, that he was sexually attracted to men.

Homosexuality has become a phenomena in Saudi Arabia.Michael would spend the next four years secretly nursing him.Feleppa’s death in 1993 threw George into what he later described as a ‘depressive spiral’.They believe that students at the age of elementary school start developing the sexual tendency, so a healthy enviroment for children to have a normal sexual development would be a mix school for young children (males and females) at the age of 7 to 13 years can’t imagine the aggressiveness of people’s reaction towards co-education school suggestion.Those early years saw newspapers constantly briefed about his rampant heterosexuality.On one occasion, Michael’s cousin, Andros Georgiou, boasted he was in the habit of sleeping with ‘four girls a night’ during tours.Yet while it undoubtedly helped shift records, this image of a starry Lothario was — as we now know — a complete fabrication.For, as he would often tell the world in later years, Michael always knew he was gay.I think they were just thinking of my dad,’ he later said, explaining how both he and those close to him were forced to struggle with the double life he found himself living.The son of a hard-working Greek Cypriot immigrant who married an English dancer and ran a restaurant, George was raised in a working-class part of Finchley, North London, and indulged as the only boy in the family. with his debut solo album Faith (which sold 25 million copies worldwide) and was releasing the follow-up Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1, he devoted a cover story in the highly influential Calendar magazine (headlined ‘the reluctant pop star’) to complaining about how he ‘lives in hope of reducing the strain of his celebrity status’.

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