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Then again, he might not have an unrealistic idea of how women "are" and that could be a bad thing.On the whole, it really doesn't make a significant impact.This is a reprise of the thread for (presumably) straight men on the subject of dating a woman who was a virgin and whether that would be a dealbreaker for them. I guess as far as long-term dating, though, and not just a fantasy-fufilling sexual romp, it would depend on why they were still virginal. If he doesn't volunteer the information I have no way of knowing.

The things I like about virgin boys: It would be nice to know that he is almost surely free of sexually transmitted diseases, first and foremost.

Soooo many people have STDs nowadays and don't even know it.

But there are also probably guys out there who are promiscuous for "weird" reasons (sexual addiction, insecurity about their masculinity, etc.) so I suppose it balances out in the end.

My first time was with another virgin and have to say it wasn't a very pleasurable experience for either of us, however It did improve quickly and we stayed together for many years.

I have a friend who's deflowered more than a few boys (including me, but I deflowered her as well so we're even), and while most (including me) have fond memories, some tend to become fixated on her an unwilling to accept that she's not their one true love/partner/mistress/mommy for life.

While the sample size is admittedly small, she says this is more likely with guys who lose their virginity in their late 20's or after. The guy I have my eye on now is a virgin (planning to wait until marriage) and I think it's endearing.

I suppose it might be kind of cool to be with a virgin b/c he might value or appreciate the experience a bit more as opposed to someone who has a different girl every month.

Also, with me being the first girl and all, it's not like I'd be compared to others.

I knew he was just coming out, but didn't know he was a virgin (male or female). I didn't think he could really leave his kids anyway but I sure wasn't going to be the reason he did. I tell ya, seeing a grown man break down in tears because you've just ripped out his heart, salted and vinegared it and shoved it back in is just not a nice feeling.

Plus, he really was a great guy and I really liked him. He cried in his car the whole way from California to Colorado.

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