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In fact the power of the platform comes from the user friendly interface and the ability to easily change the look and the functionality of your Social Community using modules and templates either from the Boonex Marketplace or found over the web.

One can also get a pretty good idea about dating site templates and social networking templates by exploring this community software and community site script.

It’s an open-source, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities.

Let’s see what the promo video for Dolphin 7 looks like and then dive into some of the features that Dolphin provides us with.

Community and dating are no longer exclusively ‘offline world’ terms.

Social communities these days are key part from our daily activities. Current the number of user accounts in that social network are more than 1.3 billion and 48% of these accounts are checked every day.

That is how the most famous Social network looks like.

Dolphin is the only “all-in-one” bundle of PHP community scripts, Flash plugins, Adobe AIR and Mobile apps that provide full control, freedom and flexibility. There’s a number of ways you can try Dolphin – live Boon Ex demo, admin demo, case studies, other members’ sites and, finally – you can download and install a free version anytime for yourself and play with it. Evaluate your ideas before committing them to fixed bytes on your site.

Builders is especially fun, but check everything here.

Creation of a successful social networking website or a dating website requires a really good dating software and dating script.

Effective free dating softwares are still not very common.

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