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Do women over 50 enjoy sex chat

"I'm a big fan of seniors living every day to the fullest in their later years, so I'm pleased to hear about these survey results. " Marc's grandfather, who started dating again when he was 89 years-old, served as the inspiration for Play The Game, which is set for a theatrical release across the country on August 28th.I'm happy seniors are still exploring each other's bodies in every way," said Liz Sheridan, who plays Andy Griffith's girlfriend in Play The Game and who played ' Mrs. Marc Fienberg, the first-time writer/director of Play The Game, commented, "I'm happy that what my grandfather experienced in his love life, and what the characters in Play The Game experience in their sex lives, are finally being revealed to be much more common than any of us ever expected. Sex aside, the themes in the movie Play The Game echo other compelling findings about romance and dating among Boomers and seniors.

No longer the dowdy older depressed empty nester, we are discovering a full and fabulous life after children leave home.

We are climbing career ladders, we are working out at the gym, we are eating healthier than ever, and we know what we want and go after it. The new 50 leaves behind the role of grandmotherly martyrdom for the worldly traveler, executive and passionate femininity.

Once the fear of pregnancy leaves and the menopausal hormones are under control, the world of sexual freedom is open to us. We no longer live in fear that all men want younger women, because the truth is men want We over 50 know who we are. We know our own values, needs and what it takes to be our best self. I believe the art of flirting is often overlooked as foreplay.

Whether innocent or a prelude to a sexual encounter, feeling feminine and desirable is mandatory to freely express your sexuality. Smell good, wear sexy underclothes, do your hair and makeup.

We appreciate partnerships and we appreciate our time alone.

In other words, we are less needy, less desperate and more appreciative.Contrary to popular belief, men talk more than women, research has found.But when women do speak, it’s worth listening – because they use more varied and thoughtful language than men.Those doubting the sexual prowess of the typical senior citizen might want to look twice at a recent survey conducted on the Boomer social networking site, Among those in relationships, the survey found that 55% of seniors over 70 have oral sex at least once in a while.Thankfully, people are now talking about it and we share information about what works in dealing with these changes.Vibrators, lubricants, hormone replacement therapies and little pills for men all mean that our sex life can be enhanced and expanded as we age.about sex, relationships, our bodies and the choices we make in regard to our sexuality are vital.Wisdom to know when to let little things go is very attractive to men.Many of us older women have been married or in long-term relationships and we know what it is like to be single.When out, stand straight, look people in the eye, smile and be playful. Know your body and be able to communicate your needs.At 20, I barely knew my own body and certainly couldn't tell a partner what I wanted.

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